About REN Coaching & Training

We have been providing training services since November 2018 under our own branding. Not only do we have experience providing effective and efficient training, but we also have plenty of actual hands-on experience working with First Aid event cover providers, at local and national events.

REN Coaching & Training CIC is a business with a community drive. We get involved in different community and charity events in the local and national area. This could be a small local community group or doing our bit in promoting larger charity initiatives. Please have a look at our Community & Charities section for a more in-depth look at the work we do.

Our Aim & Commitments To You


To give those within our community the chance to access skills that could save a life either physically or emotionally. Skills that they might not normally get the chance to learn due to various learning barriers.


To challenge you

Our courses cover topics that can either save a life during an incident or save a life by signposting someone to support services. With that in mind, our courses will challenge our delegates physically, emotionally and mentally and push them in a safe way.

We also challenge how things are done. We will push to make changes to keep everyone safe and to give as many people as we can a better chance in life.

To support you

As much as we will challenge you, we will also support you. We will listen to your needs and work towards enabling you to succeed. We understand that it can be daunting to stand in front of your peers and demonstrate a task or to talk about an issue. We will be there to offer guidance and reassurance, every step of the way.

To build you

By challenging you and supporting you, we will in the end, build you up. We will build your skill base, your confidence, your ability to act and speak out and to hopefully make steps to where you want to be in life.

Our Values


Respect is what we give to all our clients, delegates, suppliers, patients and anyone else we might come into contact with. The respect to talk plainly, on their level and truthfully. We respect who people are as individuals and we work towards their end goals.


Integrity to be open and honest about everything that we do and say. To do the right thing no matter if we are being watched or not. We will make sure that you understand what is being offered or supplied. There is a difference between what someone wants and what someone needs, we will help you get what you need.


Courage comes in two forms, moral and physical. Our staff will always speak or act when we see something is wrong. We have the moral courage to say when someone is in danger and physical courage to act when an incident has happened.


Empathy for those we help, train, or have any dealings with, we understand that everyone has something going on in their lives. We will be as supportive and as understanding as we can be and seek to assist where we can. This also applies to our own staff and volunteers.

Meet the Team

Richard Nash

Firstly, thank you for stopping by and I hope we can help with your requirements and also to thank those clients I have had since I started on this adventure.

My work history is varied but in the last 10+ years, the bulk of my work was based in Logistics. I spent 5 years in the British Army, in a logistics role, planning and initiating the movement of equipment, troops and vehicles around the world. I was unexpectedly medically discharged from the Military back in 2012 and found myself living in Aberdeen support the Oil and Gas sector in another logistics role. When the market crashed in 2015, I was made redundant and this was the stepping stone to setting up my own business.

I have always held a First Aid certificate, from my time as an Army cadet, and throughout the various jobs I have had. After my time in uniform, I started volunteering with the Red Cross (RC) and the Army Cadet Force (ACF). This allowed me to put into practice my First Aid training and gain experience as an instructor. I also began volunteering at Aberdeen Football ground or various other local/national events, providing First Aid cover.

I moved to Lowestoft in 2017 and started working for a training provider locally and as a First Aider at the local theme parks. In 2018 my son was born and that was a push for me to dust off the plans for my own business. The company name took me a while but I finally settled on REN, which are the initials of my son and myself, Richard and Elijah Nash. From there I have been building slowly, with a number of local clients and various volunteer roles. A big one for me is the First Aid training I do at Ormiston Denes Academy. Every term I go in to teach a new class of students life saving skills.

In 2020, REN became a Community Interest Company so that we could deliver projects and support to those in need in the local and wider area. I already take part in many community support projects so I knew that this would be the right direction for me.

A new set of courses we started in 2020 is the First Aid for Mental Health. Alongside the physical First Aid, this is a topic close to my heart. I have suffered from depression more or less from the day I left the Military. Over the years it got worse and I came to my breaking point at the end of 2017. Negative things in my life built up and one evening in December I reached crisis point. To this day, I don’t know what stopped me from taking my own life but I managed to get through the night and turned a corner. Now and then times get hard but I try to use my experiences to help others who might also be walking down that dark path. Times still get hard and take me down dark paths, but I try and use that to help others.

Well, I fell that is enough about me, thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.