Our Courses

Here at REN Coaching and Training CIC, we offer a wide range of Courses covering many different subjects so, whatever your needs may be, we’re confident you’ll find a suitable course provided by us.

Courses marked with RED titles can be nationally accredited or non-accredited, and those marked with BLACK titles are non-accredited only.

  • Some courses can be taken by those under the age of 16, however, a student cannot assume a responsibility in the workplace until they reach the age of 16.
  • Course times stated do not include time for breaks, so please work in additional time.
  • For courses longer than 1 day, we recommend completely them on consecutive days.
  • These are some limitations to splitting courses over different days and/or weeks.
  • Most certificates are valid for 3 years from the date of completion.
  • We and the HSE suggest that you complete annual refresher courses on all subjects.
  • All of our courses can be adapted to a degree in regard to those who may need additional support or requirements.

Please contact us and we can go over any specific questions you might have.

Appointed Person

This is a theory only course, teaching delegates how to contact the emergency services, care of First Aid equipment and filling in the accident book.

Annual Refresher

The Health and Safety Executive and ourselves recommend that everyone does this basic refresher course every year. Without practice skills fade.

Activity First Aid

It is specifically designed for those who are involved in any form of activity, including sports, leisure and recreation.

Bespoke First Aid

This is where you can mix and match the areas you want to be covered on a course.

Basic Life Support

This course covers the very basics in First Aid, assessment stages and CPR.

Emergency First Aid At Work

This is the first step on the ladder in regards to practical First Aid training. Covering a number of vital life saving skills.

First Aid Requalification

This is for those who have already completed the full 3 day course and they are approaching the 3 year point in which they need to re-qualify.

First Aid At Work

This comprehensive course covers a wide range of First Aid emergencies, enabling all delegates to deal with emergency situations with confidence in a prompt, safe and effective way.

Emergency Paediatric First Aid

This course is for those who work mainly with children and is the basics requirement for such roles.

Paediatric First Aid

This is the full course for those working with children, which brings into focus more specific child related illnesses and incidents.

Safeguarding Awareness (Level 1)

This course will provide an understanding of safeguarding which can be used in a workplace, activity group or any instance where a person comes into contact with children or adults at risk.

Safeguarding Children & Adults At Risk (Level 3)

This course is designed for all persons, no matter the field that they are directly involved in, to give them the tools and knowledge to make a difference to a vulnerable persons life. It will also let the practitioner reporting the abuse know how they can safeguard themselves in everyday work while seeking help and reporting the incident identified.

First Aid For Metnal Health (Level 1)

This course is aimed at providing leaners with the knowledge to identify suspected mental health conditions and the skills to start a conversation and be able to signpost the person towards professional help.

First Aid For Mental Health (Level 2)

This course covers the content of the Level 1 course but also expands on the effects of drugs and alcohol, incorporates the First Aid for Mental Health Action Plan and covers ways in which a positive mental health culture can be supported within a workplace.

Supervising First Aid For Mental Health (Level 3)

This course goes into detail on a wide range of mental health conditions and the support and help provided by healthcare professionals. It covers the content of both the Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications but is aimed at Trainer/Assessors and/or supervisor level within the workplace. 

Other Courses

We can also write and present courses tailored to your needs. These courses would include information specific to your business or job role, such as a list of your First Aiders, your own policies, or other vital information. Additional costs would be included in this option.

Alongside our main subjects we offer smaller courses such as County Lines, Run, Hide, Tell, Sepsis awareness, or even smaller versions of our standard courses.